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What is BriefingRoom for DCS World?

BriefingRoom for DCS World is the much more advanced successor to my own Headquarters for DCS World (HQ4DCS) application, and a massively improved version of DCS World's own fast mission generator. BriefingRoom allows you to create complete scenarios in just a few clicks. Missions generated with BriefingRoom tend to be rather "player-centric". Their purpose is not to simulate a real war theater, like Falcon 4's dynamic campaign, but to provide the player(s) with interesting objectives and challenges. This approach is a perfect fit for DCS World's limited number of units and very capable scripting engine.

While BriefingRoom is designed to be easy to use and to allow the creation of missions in mere seconds, it is also heavily moddable and will give many options to power users ready to tackle with its most advanced features.

BriefingRoom is free and open source and will always remain so, but if you want to support its development, you can make a one-time donation when downloading from Itch.io, or a monthly donation using the PayPal link you'll find here.

Features summary

  • Can generate any kind of single-player or multiplayer mission, from deep strikes behind a hostile superpower's cutting-edge integrated air defense network to photo reconnaissance flights over a terrorist training camp.
  • Choose from a large variety of mission types, from combat air patrols to bomber interception, target designation for artillery strikes, photo reconnaissance, bomb damage assessment and many others...
  • Extremely easy to use: generate missions in seconds without any technical knowledge, then export them to a DCS World .MIZ file in just a few clicks.
  • Automatically generates proper friendly/enemy units according to countries and time period, but also able to create "what if" scenarios (2010s USAF vs 1940s Luftwaffe) and freely choose player aircraft in any country/time period.
  • Generated mission can include custom scripts for various effects (advanced SAM AI, JTAC smoke and laser designation, artillery strikes...)
  • Save mission templates to small .ini files and share them with your friends.
  • Easily moddable to add more countries, units and scenarios
  • Available as both a graphical user interface for ease of use and as a command-line tool for batch mission generation
  • Customize enemy SAM and air-to-air opposition for any mission difficulty.
  • No units spawned through runtime scripting. All units are added to the mission itself, so they can be edited with DCS World's mission editor for further customization.
  • Please read the user's manual and the modder's manual for more information
  • The development roadmap and a list of features planned for future versions can be found here: trello.com/b/iGsqgbTu/briefingroom-project-tracker

New features added in latest version

  • Bugfixes

    • Fixed DCS crashing when a Ka-27 was spawned
    • Fixed F-14B spawning an F-14A
    • Fixed antiship payload of F/A-18 registered as a SEAD payload (fix by john681611)
    • Fixed bug with Maverick F in F/A-18 default loadout (fix by john681611)
    • Waypoints for ground targets are now spawned on the ground
    • Starting airbase now picked correctly when red/blue countries are inverted on the map
  • New player aircraft: all SA342 Gazelles, F-5E, F-5E-3

  • New objectives

    • CSAR: locate downed pilots (who can shoot distress flares to help you locate them) and land near them in a helicopter to pick them up
    • FAC(A): direct artillery strikes on target
    • Recon: locate enemy vehicles and fly over them to gather information
  • Improved GUI

    • Better toolbar buttons
    • App now scales better at higher DPI (code by Taosenai)
    • "Miz export complete" (with time taken for the export) now displayed in status bar
  • New mission template settings

    • CAP/SEAD AI escorts now available both in singleplayer and in multiplayer
    • Option to disable radio voices (uses code by john681611)
    • "Enemy units location": new option to make sure enemy units and objectives are only spawned in red or blue countries for increased realism
    • AI level selection for friendly aircraft, enemy ground units and enemy aircraft
  • New factions

    • Russia/USSR from the 1970s to the 1990s
  • JTAC can now transmit target coordinates (LL and MGRS) to the players

  • Decreased distance between waypoints and targets on most objectives

  • Improved home airbase selection algorithm

  • Default values for the mission templates now stored in Database/Defaults.ini

  • Project now targets .NET Framework 4.8 instead of 4.5

Changelogs for previous versions can be found on GitHub (github.com/akaAgar/briefing-room-for-dcs)

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